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Windmill Tour

the most Comprehensive Wind/Solar/Energy Tour available anywhere!

When driving into the beautiful Coachella valley, one of the most striking sights you will see is the vast array of wind turbines that sprout from the desert floor. The words "wind turbine" have evolved into what the locals call windmills. Undoubtedly, that view will pique your curiosity.

Palm Springs Windmill Tours is the longest continuously operating windmill tour business in the world. Our expert guide will answer your questions and provide interesting background on the subject. You will get an introduction to the weather and geology of the area, learn why windmills were built in California, and why the wind blows the way it does in this mountain pass. Your guide will even tell you how some of the native plants were used by the local Cahuilla Indians.

You'll be stopping at some of the projects where you will get information about the windmills themselves, how big they are, how they work, and the unique features of the different designs and models of windmills. Your last stop will be a power plant in the desert where you will learn about the economics and politics of wind energy in California, the United States, and around the world. We offer the most comprehensive tour of the windmills in America today. Windmill technology is worldwide and a very ancient source of natural power. Your history classes at school covered them from grinding mills to water power and how to harness the wind for electricity.

The San Gorgonio Wind Park is a mature project boasting four generations of technology and over two dozen types of turbines in operation. Learn how President Obama and the Department of Energy plan to derive 20% of U.S. electricity by 2030 from America's vast wind resources. Is the T. Boone Pickens plan practical? What are other countries doing about wind power?

Your expert guide will discuss a host of environmental issues such as bird strikes, bat kills, noise, shadow flicker, land use, and more. The economics of wind is explored along with the Production Tax Credit and Renewable Portfolio Standards. Federal energy policies can be a moving target, so what does the future promise ahead?

Jobs...both direct and indirect are a critical aspect of a green economy. How does the supply chain affect jobs? What happens to older turbines no longer used and useful? What about offshore technology?

Come be a part of America's green energy future. See firsthand what all the buzz is about. You have questions...our expert guides have some answers. Come let us blow you away! This tour is approximately 2 hours.

Windmill Tour Details

Prices: Adults - $40
             Seniors 65+ - $35
             13 to 18 - $15
             Children 12 and under - $10

Time: 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:00pm

Day(s): Everyday!

Advance purchase required.

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