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Q&A for our most frequently asked questions!

1. My group is planning a trip to the Palm Springs area soon. Can we have a special tour for us?
Absolutely! To buy tickets for public tours, book online or call (760) 582-4403.  If you are interested in arranging a private custom tour, call us at (760) 320-1365.
2. What kind of vehicle do I ride in?
The vehicles are classic open air jeeps with a top, for the canyon and celebrity tours. The Windmill Tour is in a small passenger bus.
3. How many passengers do they take?
Our open air vehicles hold 9 passengers and the bus carries 21 passengers.
4. Is the Canyon Tour tour suitable for children?
Yes... depending on the age of the children. The Indian Canyon Tour is great for children, a wonderful learning experience. We go on a nature walk along the streams and talk about the history of the Indians, the flora and fauna of the desert, and they might get to see some native lizards, snakes, birds, etc.. Very exciting!!!!
5. Is the Windmill Tour tour suitable for children?
Absolutely! Students travel from all over Southern California to enjoy and learn from our fabulous wind farm tour.
6. Do we need a child safety seat?
California law requires that children age 6 and younger or under 60 pounds be seated in an approved child safety seat. Please provide one for your child if appropriate.
7. Are there any restrooms?
Yes. There are restrooms in both of the Indian Canyons we explore. Also, before we depart, there is a restroom in the Spa Hotel. The wind farm is spread over several square miles of desert and does not offer restroom facilities.
8. Should we bring water?
If you like. However, water is provided on all the Indian Canyon tours. Also, refreshments are available for purchase at the Trading Post. You may wish to bring a bottle of water on the Windmill Tour.
9. Can I bring a video camera or any camera?
Yes, in fact we encourage it. We would not want you to miss out on the fabulous photo opportunities for your memories of our world famous Indian Canyons and homes of the Rich & Famous.
10. Do we go "off road" at all?
All of our tours are driven on city streets, Indian reservation roads, or improved "dirt roads" that do not require four wheel drive. We do NOT destroy our beautiful desert landscape.
11. Is the ride rough?
Absolutely not. We have custom made vehicles that are very comfortable with lots of room... Driven by highly skilled guides.
12. Are dogs allowed on the tour?
No, only seeing eye and "special needs" dogs.
13. Are there group rates available for the Indian Canyon and Rich and Famous Tours?
Yes, group rates are applicable if you have 6 or more on the same tour. When you call or E-Mail for information, be sure to ask about group rates.
14. Are there group rates available for the Palm Springs Windmill Tour?
Yes, please call for details... 760-320-1365.
15. Can we be picked up at our hotel?
We do pick up at some of the hotels. You will need to call to make arrangements in advance. For large group pick up for the Palm Springs Windmill Tour... Please call for details...760-320-1365.
16. Can special times be made for the tours?
Yes, we do our best to accommodate scheduling to your requests. To make certain that we can do that, call ahead and make advanced reservations for it.
17. Are the guides knowledgeable?
Yes, in fact, our guides are often mistaken for Albert Einstein in both knowledge and appearance. Actually, our guides are not only knowledgeable of the tours but most have lived here for much of their lives and not only know the flora, fauna, history, etc... but know how to make it fun and interesting. Our guides are continuously improving and growing their skills. We boast the most experienced guide team in the valley. For example our in-house wind farm expert has over 40 years experience in the energy industry and teaches courses nationwide.
18. Are you open in the summer months?
Yes, in fact, we are the only tour company that can go into the Indian Canyon in the months of July thru October with tours.
19. What should I wear?
No need to be formal... Desert casual is the suggested attire. However, we recommend closed toed shoes for the Indian Canyons. Also, we suggest that you dress in layers. You never know about the weather here in the desert. Feel free to call in advance for a weather report and tour availability schedule.
20. What should I expect on these tours?
You should expect to be delighted!
471 S. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 | (760) 320-1365
Address is for remote pickup only